In greek, ”Zoe” means ”Life” or in other words: The absolute fullness of Life, both essential and moral, that belongs to God, and to Christ in whom the “logos” has put human nature.

We believe that every woman has been given a unique “fingerprint” of gifts and passions and location and personality; and God uses all of that for His purposes.  Our job then is simply to understand who God has created us to be and then strategically develop what He has deposited in us

We see it all the time…capable and gifted women who continually undervalue their gifts and abilities. When approached to lead or try new things, women back away, thinking they do not have “what it takes.” How many dreams or endeavours are unrealized because of this lack of confidence?

ZOE Discipleship courses speak truth and confidence to women about who they are and what they were created for.  Our resources are collaborative in nature and Canadian in origin. We create practical resources that are used in a variety of contexts, enabling leaders to raise women for God-sized dreams.

We have watched women bloom, understanding more clearly their identity in Christ and growing in confidence to walk out in new things.

We share our resources through an online learning platform called Teachable.  We admit that this isn’t your regular “bible study format,” but it is a format that we LOVE because of our ability to connect our students with current and relevant learning tools. Click on the course buttons on the right to discover more.

You can do it!  We promise.

Zoe activate

Do you have the desire to help women around you grow in their understanding and awareness of women’s issues around the world? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? We can help you with that!

ZOE Activate is a resource that educates and then inspires people to become tangibly involved in these important issues. Using activities, video teaching segments and discussion, participants will begin to understand the issues and be challenged to get involved. Each ZOE Activate Session is a “stand-alone event” that will take 90 minutes to complete. You don’t need to be “the teacher.” Our “plug and play” kit makes it easy to facilitate in every setting. We are offering our very first Activate session centering on the issue of human/sex trafficking. Be Brave. Take a step and inspire those around you!

Zoe webinar: Beyond the Bible study

5 Ways to Empower Women Empower means “to enable or permit.” It is about removing obstacles so that women can move forward with God’s calling on their lives. What can you do to empower the women around you? Listen to our panel for some ideas and inspiration!

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